See What Our Great Patients Have to Say About Us

Dr. Andrews has been our family dentist for years, he is the best dentist our family has ever been to. Not only does him and his staff care about our teeth, but our general well-being. They are always considerate and treat us like family. About two years ago I was diagnosed with moderate sleep apnea through my Ear, Nose and Throat doctor, had sleep studies done and the ENT doctor set me up with a CPAP. I could not wear it…I spent several hundred dollars for over a year trying different masks and even went to a different doctor considering surgery. But before surgery, my ENT doctor suggested a dental device. Thank God my dentist is Dr. Andrews…I scheduled an appointment and Dr. Andrews assured me the device he has will help. I was hopeful but still a little worried. I had to have something done, I was so tired all the time and my snoring was terrible. Well, I have had the device for about 6 months now…I sleep well, feel rested and my wife says my snoring has complete went away! I have been telling everyone about this and how wonderful Dr. Andrews and his staff have been through this process. I truly feel he has lengthened my life. Thank you Dr. Andrews and your wonderful staff!!!

Jason U.

“Dr. Andrews,
To the great Dr. and his staff, I wish to say “THANK YOU” for many years of services you all have provided to me. I have been a patient for 23 years and can not say enough good things about the staff at this office. When you walk in, you receive smiles and personal recognition. When in emergency issues, they are always quick and very understanding of your needs. I feel this office is a very special place and would suggest anyone to become a patient there.
Thank you all for the great care you give.”
Ellen E.

“I just wanted to thank you all again for taking care of my dental emergency – from start to finish. I truly felt cared about, and the hugs were so appreciated, too!”
Thanks again.”
Karen J.

“Dr. Andrews and his staff helped me through a very stressful time in life. I had just had a death in my family followed by a dental emergency. I will always be grateful for the most patient compassion during a most stressful event. I will always be most grateful for the hugs that got me through a broken tooth with a broken heart.”

“Over the years, at other dental offices, I have felt like I was simply a nuisance to the staff. Since my wife and I have been seeing Dr. Andrews, I must say that every staff member makes us feel special, like they care about our needs. What a caring place!”

“Shortly after moving here in 2001, I needed a dentist. Since Dr. Andrews came highly recommended by my colleagues and my students and is the dentist for cowards, I made my appointment. When he saw me with tears in my eyes and holding on to the chair so hard my hands were cramping, he calmed me with his voice, explained what he was going to do before he did it, and did everything he could to make me feel comfortable. If asked after that first visit, I probably would have said he would still be my dentist eleven years later. However, I would never have guessed just how much he would come to mean to me. Over the years, Dr. Andrews has become more than a dentist and has treated much more than just my teeth. I now look forward to each visit. Dr. Andrews and his entire staff are glad to see me. Regardless of what procedure I am having, each one makes an effort to welcome me and is concerned about my well-being. Going to Dr. Andrews’ office is like going home after having been gone a long time. There are lots of hugs, and they love me just as much as I love them.”

Teressa F.

“When I walk into the office, the staff makes me feel right at home, just like I am part of the family. Dr. Andrews is top notch in Dentistry. Love you all..”

Kurt H.

“Dr. David Andrews and his office staff are the best in Columbia and surrounding area and that includes Nashville. I live in Nashville and drive to Columbia every time my kids or I need to go to the dentist. The drive is well worth it when you have a dentist you can trust, and I know whatever problem I have, he will take care of it. I would not think of going anywhere else or finding another dentist closer. I have been going to him for over 15 years since I first moved to TN. I was scared of the dentist and he always makes you feel at ease and comfortable, and always professional. He is the best dentist by far and I would not go to another dentist for anything. The staff at Dr. Andrews’ office are the best. Every time I walk in the office, everyone greets you by name, they work with your schedule, and I can sit there and talk to them for hours. That is just how pleasant they are. I give Dr. Andrews and his office staff out of 100, I give them 500. They are the best!”
Amy H.

“My 15 year old daughter is a patient of Dr. Andrews, and she really loves him and his staff. She has had great results and feels very comfortable there. The staff is always kind and very helpful explaining any questions you may have. We appreciate them for all they have done for our family.”
Carole D.